Miscellaneous Project Samples

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Wall Hangings

sample Framed Rose Arbor Picture
Rose Arbor (PSX) and "In the garden of life, friends are the flowers in bloom" (Stampin' Up!) embossed in gold on white matte paper, and colored with markers; Floral Corner (Stampin' Up!) embossed in gold in corners and colored with markers. White paper mounted on pink and burgundy paper and placed in 8 x 10" gold frame.

Miscellaneous Projects

sample Stamped Southwestern Tote Bag
Canvas tote bag stamped with Southwestern stamp set (PSX) and Running Horses (Stamp Affair?) using All Night Media Stamp Dabber fabric inks.

sample Stamped Plastic Carrot
Large, hollow, plastic carrot (bought from craft store) decorated with stickers made with Easter theme stamps on glossy sticker paper. Clear plastic packing tape applied over stickers. Postage and address label applied directly to carrot and mailed to secret stamper. (Her neighbor was picking up the mail for her, so this was particularly amusing.)

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