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Stamp Night

Several months ago, I started having Stamp Night at my house once a month. I have a group of about 10 stamping friends with varying skill levels. I have found that my ping pong table is great to stamp at with a large group as a result of its size.

Sometimes we do a project, other times we just decide on a theme or holiday and bring our stamps on that theme. In past meetings, we have made water cards, tried fabric stamping and made cards to give to Children's Hospital.

Activity Ideas

Paper swaps - eveyone brings in sheets of paper to trade or one person buys several reams of different papers to be divided up and split among the group for an agreed price.

Temporary stamp trade - each person brings stamps for which they can't think of uses and others use the stamps in order to give the owner ideas.

Calendar stamping - print/copy calendar pages for the coming year and decorate each page with stamps.

Show-and-Tell - everyone brings items they've stamped or received from other stampers and shows them to the group.

Teaching Projects - Group members take turns teaching/demonstrating a project or technique that they have learned from other stampers, from a stamping publication, or a class.

Card Swaps - A theme is decided on, such as a holiday, technique or using stamps from a particular company. Everyone stamps a set of identical cards on that theme and brings them to the next meeting to swap with the other members.

Finding Stampers in Your Area

There are many ways that you can find and meet the stampers in your area.

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