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Rubber Stamped Gift Ideas

Please email me your own ideas.

Here are some of my ideas for gifts that you can stamp for others. Some make small gifts that can be included in a card. Other ideas have the potential to make a more generous gift. Either way, the time and creativity put into handmade gifts always makes them special.

Stamped Clock

Buy a cheap kitchen type clock. Disassemble and trace the clock face on a sheet of paper. Stamp images for the numbers and decorate the rest of the face. Put the clock back together using the new face. (Contributed by two stampers -- great stampers think alike!)


You can either photo-copy the pages from a calendar for the current year or print your own using computer software, such as Print Shop. For another stamper, give this calendar as is so that he or she can stamp their own pictures. For a non-stamper, stamp a picture for each month. A different family picture can also be used for each month and a border stamped around each.

Picture Frame/Matt

Stamp a matt for the inside of a frame. Give the matt and a frame together. For an even less expensive gift, mount the frame on card board and make a stand from card board to attach to the back -- this makes a free-standing frame.

A beautiful and very personal wedding gift can be made by stamping a matt to match the wedding party colors and a pretty frame. The bride and groom's names and wedding date can also be written/calligraphed on the matt.


Stamp coupons for a back massage, babysitting, dinner, etc.


Stamp a set of notecards or writing paper and matching envelopes or postcards. You might also include matching stickers to seal the envelopes and/or postage stamps.

A nice variation is thank you notes for a bridal shower gift. If you know what the bride's colors are or what the invitations look like, coordinate them.

Book Marker

Choose a personal theme and add a note to make it special. Include in a stamped card.


Use vellum or tissue paper, and rubber stamp markers; or overhead transparencies and permanent markers (print the outline image by photo-copying onto the plastic.) Mount in a stamped frame and attach ribbon and a small suction cup hook for hanging.

Book Plates

Choose a personal theme. Print the person's name on each or leave them blank for the recipient to fill in.

Clothing or Totebag

Decorate a plain tee-shirt, sweatshirt, handkerchif, scarf, totebag, etc.

Christmas Tree/Easter Tree Decorations

Make ornaments. They can even frame a small picture of baby's first Christmas/Easter, or a couple's first Christmas together.

Coffee Mug

Some craft and sewing stores carry plastic coffee mug kits. The outside of the mug is transparent and the center of the mug pulls out to allow you to insert a decorated strip of paper. These are usually found with the needlework supplies.


Just like the coffee mug kits. Make these to coordinate with someone's living room decor.

Recipe Cards

Decorate lined or unlined index cards, or cut your own from card stock.

Decorative Candle

Look for instructions on how to do this. (Basically you stamp on tissue paper, then seal the tissue into the side of the candle using hot wax.)
This could also be done as a wedding gift, possibly using a personalized cocktail napkin from the reception or the wedding invitation.


Use pre-cut stickers in different shapes or cut your own shapes from sticker paper. Kids love stickers.


Save advertising magnets and big sports schedule magnets when the season's over, or buy a roll of magnet tape. Stamp a design and add magnets to the back


Decorate the cover of a bought notebook to make a personalized journal.

Sticky Notes

Stamp each page of a pad of sticky notes with a small image in the corner.

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