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Cardstock Gift Box

This project will create a sturdy 3" square gift box perfect for stamping and easy to make.

  1. Cut two squares from card stock. The first should be 8 1/2" square, the second should be 8" square. The larger piece will be the box top.
  2. At this point you may want to decorate your box before you begin folding, or you may want to wait a couple of steps so that you'll know what part will be the top/bottom and sides of the box. figure 1
  3. Placing a ruler from corner to corner, lightly mark the diagonals on the piece of paper. This will find the center of the square.
    figure 1
  4. Now fold each corner into the center of the square.
    figure 1
  5. With the corners still folded from the previous step, fold and unfold each side to the center. (These folds show you where the top/bottom and sides of the box will be. You may want to decorate the box at this point.)
    figure 1
  6. There should now be a tic-tac-toe board pattern made up of the creases from the previous step. From the top of the square, cut on both of the creases just to the horizontal fold. Rotate 180 degrees (so that the cuts just made are now at the bottom) and repeat this step.
    figure 1
  7. You should now be able to unfold just the four corners where the cuts were made so that a triangle sticks out on each corner. Cut each triangle off along the fold.
    figure 1
  8. Unfold the flaps at the top and bottom.
    figure 1
  9. Using the creases already made, fold up the left and right side so that they stand up, perpendicular to the rest of the paper. These pieces will form two sides of the box.
    figure 1
  10. (1) Now fold in the tabs at the top and bottom of the two sides just folded up in the previous step. These tabs should now be perpendicular to the pieces folded in the last step.

    (2) Next fold the top and bottom flaps over top of the tabs just positioned. These flaps should just fit into the inside of the box.
  11. Repeat the above steps with the second piece of paper.

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Written by Stacy Ichniowski 4/98