Iggy's Genealogy Homepage

Iggy's Genealogy Homepage

Howdy! Welcome to the page of my new found obsession and addiction. Genealogy: The process of searching out one's family roots. It really is a fascinating field of study. There is just so much information out there... you just have to know where to look. So I have put together a list of some of the sites I have been frequenting. I hope you enjoy them, and good luck in your research (if you are brave enough to make the journey and climb your own tree!)
I have also created a lookup chart to help identify the relationship between two people.
By the way, I am currently researching the following names (with known or suspected areas of origin in parentheses), e-mail me if you think you can help: Note: I use Family Tree Maker.
General Genealogical Sites: Social Security Death Index and Social Security Number Information: Now for some of the more specialized pages:
Belarus Belarus Flag and Eastern Europe
Italy & Sicily Italy Flag
Poland Poland Flag

For all the latest sites available, just take a few minutes and wander through Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet, it has so much information, that my poor excuse for genealogy research page can't even compare. My page is so small in comparision, it is an embarassment.

By the way... there is a saying: "Everytime you shake the family tree, a few nuts fall out." I just thought I should warn you! (In other words, check the state penitentiary and local mental institutions as well!)
Complaints? Comments? Good sites that I have missed? Think you might be my long lost cousin? (Only honest inqueries, please.) Well, then, e-mail me!

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