Famous Analogies

1.    Act like yesterdays lunch: Go down and out the back.
2.    Busy as a button on a back house door.
3.    Hanging in there like stink on a stockyard boot.
4.    Lettuce leaf.
5.    Make like Diarrhea and run.
6.    Make like Houdini and disappear.
7.    Make like Levi's and fade away.
8.    Make like Linda Lovelace and blow.
9.    Make like Michael Jackson and "Beat it!"
10.    Make like Pablo and Cruise.
11.    Make like Santa Claus and leave your presents.
12.    Make like Tom and Cruise.
13.    Make like [any politician] and blow.
14.    Make like a Bakery truck and Move your buns.
15.    Make like a Catholic and pull out.
16.    Make like a Hewlett Packard Laser Printer and jet.
17.    Make like a Nut and Bolt.
18.    Make like a bakery truck and haul buns outta' here.
19.    Make like a banana and split.
20.    Make like a baseball player and home-run
21.    Make like a bee and buzz off.
22.    Make like a bird and flock off.
23.    Make like a botanist and leaf.
24.    Make like a bowel, and move.
25.    Make like a bread truck and haul buns.
26.    Make like a busboy and get the fork out of here.
27.    Make like a dog and flea.
28.    Make like a donkey's dick and hit the road.
29.    Make like a douche and get the fuck out of there.
30.    Make like a driver/teamster/hippy and Keep On Truckin'.
31.    Make like a drum(mer) and beat it.
32.    Make like a fetus/baby and head out.
33.    Make like a football and kickoff.
34.    Make like a hat and go on ahead.
35.    Make like a hippy and blow this place.
36.    Make like a hockey player and get the puck out of here.
37.    Make like a jacket and zip.
38.    Make like a jet and zoom.
39.    Make like a loaf of French bread and baguette.
40.    Make like a magnet and flux off.
41.    Make like a missile and cruise.
42.    Make like a mongrel and get lost.
43.    Make like a priest/minister/exorcist and get the hell outta here.
44.    Make like a prom dress and take off.
45.    Make like a rectum and get the shit out of here.
46.    Make like a register and shift.
47.    Make like a shepherd and get the flock outta here.
48.    Make like a sock/stockings and run.
49.    Make like a strawberry and jam.
50.    Make like a teeny-bopper singer and fade away
51.    Make like a terrorist and blow this place.
52.    Make like a tie and hang around some more.
53.    Make like a tire and hit the road.
54.    Make like a tomato and Ketch-up.
55.    Make like a tree and leave.
56.    Make like an abortion and head out early.
57.    Make like an airplane and take off.
58.    Make like an amoeba and split.
59.    Make like an atom and split.
60.    Make like an exit(0).
61.    Make like an unstructured program, and goto.
62.    Make like data and move.
63.    Make like horse shit and hit the trail.
64.    Make like lightning and bolt.
65.    Make like make(1) and update (your location).
66.    Make like newlyweds and go to bed early.
67.    Make like newlyweds and remain in bed all day.
68.    Make like rain and get the hail out of here.
69.    Make like the Red Sea and part.
70.    Make like the devil and get the hell out of here.
71.    Make like the wind and blow.
72.    Make like traffic and jam.
73.    Off like a dirty shirt.
74.    Off like the brides pajamas/nightie.
75.    Take a sedimental journey and precipitate outta here.